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Adam Augustyn is a creative director based out of Brooklyn, NY. He has spent over the past 15+ years building and elevating brands through design. He has worked across an array of design activations and consumer experiences, expanding his skill set over the years. He’s developed visual identity systems and printed collateral, digital experiences on web and through mobile product design, to physical environments and retail packaging. All of this while meeting the growing needs of businesses and the ever-shifting demands of consumers.

Avatar Illustration by Michael Brandon Myers

Hello! I'm Adam.

I am a purpose-driven designer and creative leader with over 15 years of brand building experience. Throughout my career, I have sought large-scale challenges and have provided visual systematic solutions that communicate effectively. I have executed brand definition and identity systems, packaging solutions, retail environmental design, responsive website and digital products for my clients. I have worked across an array of design activations and consumer experiences; expanding my skill set over the years. All of this while meeting both the growing needs of businesses and the ever-shifting demands of consumers.


Valuing design as both a craft and an intervention to address business needs, Adam lives for the creative process. From ideation and concept development to execution and launch, He seeks to solve problems strategically and aims to connect deeper to purpose, meaning and culture to create meaningful change and relevance for audiences–all while crafting tangible solutions for his clients.

Adam has sought design challenges across a wide array of industries and markets, working with Fortune 500 companies and global brands to startups and nonprofits. His work touches corporate, financial, communications, healthcare, consumer electronics, broadcast, entertainment, food and beverage, cosmetics, fashion, luxury, technology and action sports. Below are some of his past clients:

I believe in the sanctity of the design process. Design is not merely an output. As an empathetic leader, I seek honest partnerships with clients and depend on the open collaboration of a cross-disciplinary team. Working multi-dimensionally to strategically approach problems with proper context ensures success. By establishing an environment that fosters curiosity, supports depth, and exploration, thus opening a flow of ideas, I work to develop experimentation and innovation into my process. Then by applying focus and building consensus, I work intentionally and iteratively thru means of lean design practices (i.e., rapid prototyping, user testing, etc.) to validate and advance concepts and ideas to meet strategic business objectives. Not only creating smart artifacts, but also working systematically to establish frameworks at the foundation to promote longevity and sustainability.

As a designer and collaborator, I have provided design process, thinking, and solutions for clients that range from Fortune 500 companies to start-up business ventures. They operate across a range of markets and business sectors. Below are some of my past clients:


He’s been fortunate to work with global branding agencies, in-house design teams, boutique creative studios, and independently as a consultant in and around NYC. 

Adam holds a BFA in Communication Design from the University of Connecticut.

When he’s not working, Adam enjoys exploring the city streets on his bicycle and taking photographs. He’s also an avid concert-goer and record collector and can be seen at the many venues, concert halls, and record shops in and around the city. At home he enjoys composing music and spending quality time with his toilet-trained siamese cat, Banjo.

I believe in the power and influence that design has to elevate the human experience and promote positive change in our society. Today, advancements in technology and the rapid rate of social progress have far outpaced ethical frameworks approached by businesses and companies. My efforts in design are an intervention to reframe these discussions and shape the decisions that impact ethics, in an effort to fight mere complacency. I feel it is my responsibility as a designer to participate and facilitate in this way. I believe that both businesses and consumers are inherently aligned and share the responsibility to advance our society, harness culture, and shape our world for future generations.

When I am not actively helping my clients, I can be found meditating on craft and honing my troubleshooting skills with various restoration projects ( vintage 2-stroke mopeds, bicycles, lever espresso machines, reel-to-reel tape and cassette decks, electro-mechanical pianos, etc. ). I can also be found poking around local thrift stores and record shops, digging through bins of vinyl, adding to my 800+ LP collection that began in my early teens. I also love writing, playing, and seeing live music, curating playlists and DJ sets, as well as taking photographs. I currently live in Brooklyn with my toilet-trained siamese cats, Banjo & Elias.

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